Hi everyone, welcome to HealthyMente’s first You Tube Contest!

Your first challenge is to act out, recite in poem form, or just tell us your funniest “Latin parent” moment. I know you have one…maybe it was the time your mom made you go with her to the supermarket “rapidito” just to pickup that one forgotten item to finish dinner. You don’t want to go because your mom is wearing her chancletas and rollers in her hair and you prayed all the way there not to run into anyone you know. You’ve made it to the check out line when suddenly you recognize the voice and turn, only to see your crush standing behind you in line….

We will post all of your videos on our YouTube Channel and the video with the most “likes” wins! At the end of the challenge we will announce the winner who will receive a $500 gift card from one of our sponsors and a signed copy of my book.votefor1

So, come on, get creative!

…if you’re un poquito shy, you can still participate by “liking” your favorite video.

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¡Muy fácil!